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We humans, or Homo sapiens as science would term our species, are undoubtedly the pinnacle of evolution in this plant. We have transformed our lives, society, cultural through the ages. All these transformations or progress has been backed the process of acquiring knowledge and today, education is by which our millennials walk into the path of knowledge.

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Just like how we have evolved, the education sector has evolved. Once it focused on quantity, and now we see the age in which quality of education is of prime importance. With the dawn of the age of information, or age of computers, the way we approach education has been changed. We have evolved from our monotonous linear ways of education to a dynamic, more comprehensive and interactive ways. Today’s world both student and teacher have to constantly learn and update themselves to match the rapidly growing world. Once we had school’s teaching their pupil using blackboards and now we see smart classes and tablets being used. Students receive a more engaging learning experience that, they are not bored of the subject they learn. Class assignments and projects have grown beyond simple chart papers and craft work, with information available at your fingertip, in the form search engines and what not, through the massive medium of the internet, students come with working models, applying various principles of the physical world. But, still many students find writing an essay as a useless task and prefer to buy it instead of writing it.

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For ages we had institutionalized our Education system and the present world has chosen to grow beyond these physical boundaries. Web services now provide opportunities for a teacher in American continent to teach a student in Russia, Universities have reached a level where their distant learning programs are all online based, making the process of attaining degree or any other qualification easily attainable. The leap in technology has not only changed the formal education sector but also revived the hobby and interest based learning process to the simplicity of searching through a few keystrokes. As education is really easy to get today, a lot of people work as a freelance and offer services like essay writing, which made buying an essay a cheap service.

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You want to learn to play guitar or to make a flying drone, you have youtube tutorials available at your finger tips, that too totally free if any cost. Technology has enabled us to switch from conventional text books to e books, saving upon paper, there by indirectly helping the environment too. It also gave techers the opportunity to check every writer for a plagiarism with the help of special apps. The bad news is that you can not copy the text, the good news is that you can find a writer who can write it without plagiarism.

Another aspect of modern technology is the ability to gather resources cumulative. Sometimes you are overloaded with your curriculum and your teachers keeps giving you more assignments, especially long essays. Since every assignment is graded, students have to meticulous about these. The Internet has given students platform to find writers for their essays. Different sites are available now, for the students to buy essays that are not plagiarized.Internet provides you free essays as well as paid essay writers. Essay writers are available to you at cheap rates and they will do your work to your at most satisfaction. Or you are a student and you need to earn some extra money, writing good essays can get you some money, especially by being a part of various essay writing services.

In sum total, along with improving the various facets of education, technology has widened the availability of it, simultaneously bringing down the cost as well. As more people are being educated, humanity as a whole progresses, and that is when we realize growth, education, technology and all goes hand it hand to improve each other. Soon we shall see more developments in technology, revolutionizing the education is ways that we cannot even foresee. We have evolved into human beings through biological evolution of life forms and now, our evolution intellectually is powered by education and education alone.

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